Allen Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner #A-60001 (ST), #A-60005 (LG)
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Allen® Hug-U-Vac® Steep Trend Positioner 

#A-60001 (ST), #A-60005 (LG)

A new standard of care for steep Trendelenburg patient positioning.


This positioning method is becoming more common, especially in robotic procedures. Setting up the patient ready for surgery is a quick and straight-forward process. Its unique pliable design enables it to conform to the patient’s entire supine anatomy to create a larger surface area to cradle the body firmly and securely in the steep Trendelenburg position. The Hug-U-Vac Positioners have integral quick-release straps that enable it to attach tightly to the rails of standard operating tables. The Large Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner has been to accommodate larger patients.


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  • No continuous suction required
  • Enables secure positioning in robotic procedures
  • Designed for easy forearm access to IV lines
  • Integral straps secure to OR table rails
  • Valve location designed for quick access to anesthesia
  • Lightweight for easy transport, set-up, and storage
  • Durable vacuum valve with on/off switch and lock
  • Disposable slipcovers are waterproof for easy clean-up

Ideal for Use With:

  • Gynecology Procedures 
  • Urology Procedures
  • Robotic Surgical Procedures
  • Colorectal Procedures
  • Cholecystectomies
Allen Hug-U-Vac Large Steep Trend Positioner with disposable cover

Technical Specifications

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Patient Weight Capacity: 227 kg
Standard Device Weight: 3.6 kg
Standard Device Dimensions: 116.8 cm x 106.7 cm
Large Device Weight: 4.5 kg
Large Device Dimensions 129.5 cm x 137.1 cm
CE Marked Yes