C-FlexHead Positioning System
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C-Flex® Head Positioning System

Easy, precise adjustments of the head and cervical spine… just squeeze and position.


The C-Flex Head Positioning System can be used in all types of spinal surgery, giving surgeons and anesthesiologists precise control over the head and cervical spine. The “squeeze and position” technology supports exact set up and readjustments intraoperatively. Versatility is provided by the ability to use the system with headrests or with skull clamps, the quick-connect coupler making connecting to a skull clamp quick and easy. An extensive range of motion makes the C-Flex system ideal for use with extremely kyphotic patients, anterior artificial discs and lateral procedures. 


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  • Cervical flexion / extension
  • Lumbar positioning
  • Adjust vertically for kyphotic patients
  • Lateral positioning
  • Includes fold-away mirror
  • Easy airway access
  • C-Flex® AP-Vantage System (#A-70110, #A-70111) gives advanced table imaging capabilities. The unique product design eliminates obstructions, leaving nothing but the patient in the shot.
  • C-Flex® AP-Vantage Traction Bar (#A-70117) and C-Flex® AP-Vantage Adjustable Leg (#A-70116) available

Technical Specifications

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Patient weight capacity: 227 kg
Device weight: 9 kg
Adjustment Range 15 cm lateral range